Massive Obamacare Will Bankruptcy America!

ObamaCare – the massive, 2,801-page, multi-trillion-dollar takeover of health care – is proving a disaster. In addition to actually increasing the cost of health care for families, the bill unconstitutionally mandates that every American purchase health insurance. Instead of real reforms to reduce the cost of health care and promote patient-centered care, the bill will burden families, kill jobs in America, bankrupt our country, and ruin the best health care system in the world. By creating new layers of bureaucracy between patients and their doctors, it could lead to government rationing of medical care. We must reverse the government takeover of health care and adopt a patient-centered approach.

A trove of just-released internal Obama Administration documents reveals that the President’s top health care advisors were fully aware that a key component of ObamaCare presented a massive taxpayer bailout risk, but chose to suppress the information in their frenzy to push the controversial bill through Congress. The documents, quoted extensively in a report released by the House Energy & Commerce Committee, reveal a shocking level of cynicism by the President’s team — cynicism that will cost Americans billions unless the unpopular ObamaCare law is fully repealed.

Will the Supreme Court Strike Down All of ObamaCare?

Julia Anderson is the author of “The Election” her second children’s book “Jacob’s Lesson” will be released December 2011. To learn more on this author go to or


About Julia Anderson

Children book Author Julia Anderson released her first ebook on Barnes & Noble Nook, & Amazon Kindle in August 2011. You can purchase "The Election" as an ebook for $2.99, Julia second children's book "Jacob's Lesson" will be available in October 2011.
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