The failed Fast and furious weapons operations that left U.S. border agent Brain Terry dead along with a dozen of Mexican citizen has the Obama Administration once again caught with their hands dirty. The sting operation was suppose to stop the flow of illegal guns going in and out of the country via Mexico. Instead the failed operation has left a U.S. border agent dead and more than 2,000 guns in the hands of drug gang lords. What went wrong with the operation? Well, that is what Congress along with the Terry family and millions of American citizens would like to know.

This brings us to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. who promised the documents to Congress to help clear up some of the questions involving the failed sting operation Fast and Furious. When Holder failed to turn the documents over after promising to do so the Congress on Wednesday voted 23-17 in favor of a contempt. The Republicans 23 votes in favor shows the Democrat might think voting Holder in contempt might hurt President Obama chance at re-election.

With a vote of 23-17 Congress now must send the decision of contempt to the full house for another vote. If the vote finds Holder in contempt he could face criminal contempt charges. The decision could come as early as this week on Holder’s pending contempt charges. To help hide a possible cover-up Holder’s cronie and boss President Obama use his executive privilege to keep the documents from Congress during the Fast and Furious investigation.

President Obama executive privilege to not turn over the Fast and Furious documents to Congress brings me to his 2008 promise to be honest with the American people, complete transparency and accountability. What happen to that promise? Obama has made many promises to the American people and has failed in the delivery of those promises. What bothers me with this executive privilege order is simple we lost a U.S. border agent, one that was murdered in cold blood. Brian Terry and his family along with the American people deserve to know the truth. This administration has been met with many failed promises of job creation, restoring the economy, securing the borders, cutting taxes, reducing government spending, and to date the United States is still without a balance budget.

Obama, Holder, and the whole Obama administration has drained many Americans with broken promises, cover-ups, lack of leadership, along with dividing a great nation like America. November 6, 2012 there will be change when the American people will vote president Obama out of office. I can only hope that the three and half years under this flimsy administration has burned in the minds of the American people to not allow four more years of “The Fast and Flimsy”.

Julia Anderson is the children author of “The Election”. To learn more about this author visit


About Julia Anderson

Children book Author Julia Anderson released her first ebook on Barnes & Noble Nook, & Amazon Kindle in August 2011. You can purchase "The Election" as an ebook for $2.99, Julia second children's book "Jacob's Lesson" will be available in October 2011.
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